A Meerkat Gold Star for Erin!

Written by Dylan Cloete, SSA Youth Influencer Western Cape

Congratulations to Erin from the 1st Muizenberg Sea Scout Den in the Western Cape for completing her Meerkat Gold Star! Erin’s journey in Scouting began with her older sister Arizona joining Cubs and her wanting to be included in the action. Now Erin has achieved the highest award in Meerkats. Her Gold Star badge. We spoke to Erin about her Meerkat adventure.

“ I had a wonderful time at Meerkats. I love to do all the hiking and I love camping. I also love it when we go camping because I get to have waffles”, she says with a big smile!

Erin tells us about a few of the badges she had to earn to achieve her Gold Star, “ The hardest badge I did was my Gold Star but it was really fun. I got my Gold Star by doing all my badges and taking responsibility for myself.  I had to teach my friends the Meerkat Prayer and Promise to get my Gold Star”, she explains.

I did the recycling badge. Recycling is picking up all the dirt and papers lying on the floor. If someone throws litter on the floor it doesn’t mean you mustn’t pick it up if it’s not yours! I also did the planting badge. I like to plant but sometimes I put too much water on my plants and they die but I start over and try again. My favourite badges were the hiking and keeping fit badges. I like to do handstands and hiking to keep fit. I liked being a part of Meerkats. The thing I liked the best about Meerkats is how nice they were to me and that they taught me a lot. I love them a lot. I will use everything they have taught me to be a good Cub!”

Erin has now moved up to Cubs and was excited to talk about Cubs too. “ I’m in my sister Arizona’s Six! I’m excited and I want to learn more things. Our Akela teaches us that you must use your right hand to Salute. Cubs are different from the Meerkats because we fall in a square and not a circle. I love the Cubs because we went on a train and went to the museum”, she says excitedly.

Erin’s mom, Chandre adds, “Erin always says that she is going to Stand Tall and Do her Best!”