Scouting, a stepping stone

Written by Sefora Malatji. SSA Youth Influencer Gauteng

17 year old, Siyamthanda Tunzi from 1st Phumula Gardens Scout Group in Gauteng is on his Springbok Journey and shares his experience.

“I began Scouting at the early ages of 8-9 years as a Cub. I was introduced and recruited into the Movement by my mother and our current DC Clayton Warren. I must say, joining Scouts was the best thing I did for myself.  Many years later, I am now working on my Springbok.

Recently I completed one of my major projects to get my Springbok, which was a “Watch Tower” that we built in Arrowe Park, in Benoni. I was able to complete this pioneering project with the assistance of my Scout Troop members. We managed to get the Watch Tower to stand upright and maintain its posture. I am very happy with what we achieved as that shows my  pioneering skills and what I learned through Scouting”, he says with a smile.

He then continued to fulfill another Springbok requirement which was a hike. “We hiked the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve hiking trial” explains Siyamthanda. “It was a 30 kilometer hike that I completed together with my Patrol. I split the hike into two weekends. We first hiked 18 kilometers on one weekend and then continued to hike another 12 kilometers the next weekend.

My Springbok Journey is not over yet, but I am determined to complete it. It has been stressful, but it has been a stepping stone for me.  Doing your Springbok requires extra dedication, while you also still need to fulfil your other commitments like focusing on your school work. I am learning by doing, the Scouting way.”

When asked what he would like to say to Scouts who have completed their Springbok Journey already, he says “everyone who has managed to acquire this top award has done exceptionally well and deserves a big round of applause because I know how difficult it is to acquire the Springbok badge.”