Adult Recruitment Campaign Kit

"Be Someone's Guiding Light!"

"Give a child a thirst for adventure"

"Give Kids Direction in life"

"Get kids hooked on adventure"

Info for new Adults

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Let’s have the Time of our lives Together!

More children and youth are asking to be part of the Scouting adventure! For that to be possible we need adults to volunteer their time and expertise. We know that as a Scouter you have little time to develop materials to recruit adults, so we have put together this Kit just for you. We have various designs which will be uploaded throughout the year.  Once you have potential new adults you can find addtional checlists and information here.

Ideas: If you have a nice “challenge idea” for these adult recruitment cards email so we can present it to the Marketing Committee. Who knows you might just find your idea integrated into this campaign!

If you want to alter the design, please consult with the PR manager in order to ensure brand consistency. She will check if your artwork is in line with the branding guidelines because the more we are SEEN as one Scouting Movement, the bigger we can grow! 


Creative concept: TWA Lacaris-Hunt and Mr Allen Petrie
Graphic Design: Magenta Media
Photography pro-bono: Gavin Withers Photography, Johann Harzon and Denja Otte
Video Production pro-bono: Electric Storm
Poster printing sponsorship: Caxton
Poster trimming sponsorship: Hot Ink
Card printing sponsorship: Mann&McCann
Card paper sponsorship: Antalis