Adults join here!

Are you excited to become an adult volunteer?

Want more information on what to expect and which steps to take? The “This Scouting for Adults will guide you through it! Download it here.

Fill in the Application for Adult Membership Form and email it to the Scout Group Leader of the Group you are joining. Alternatively, email it to or your local Regional Scout Office! See you soon!

Are you a Scouter motivating prospective adult volunteers to join?

To ensure the new adult volunteers know what they are committing themselves to, make sure you supply them with not only your verbal testimony but also more information about the Scouting Movement,  our policies and a printed copy of the Application for Adult Membership Form.

“This is Scouting for Adults” is a great tool to use as a basis for discussion with a new prospective volunteer, but also for someone who was formerly an Adult Member but who has been inactive for some years and now wishes to re-join. They need to be informed of changes that have taken place.

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