The Kander100 Adventure!

The South African Contingent to Kander100 has returned home from a fantastic jamboree jam packed with adventure and fun! Young people from around the country joined the KISC Centenary in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Here are a few of the highlights!

We had fun fun fun, starting with a walk to the swimming pools, followed by a nice picnic in town and a challenging adventure scavenger hunt in the village that took us to the mountain tubing and ended back on campus for a spiritual development workshop.

The day started with a 5am hike to see the sunrise, pity was cloudy and a bit of rain, ceremony was fantastic and the hike down brought us to the games and fun morning in the village. The evening’s celebration of the 1st of August included a BBQ and a festive celebration.


This was a fantastic hiking experience in the Swiss Alps, we started at 9am with a gondola up and walk on the mountain, follow by hiking down a moderate trail and finished at 4:30pm, overtake the time record and won a nice badge, very proud of all the Scouts and Leaders.


Today the Scouts tubed down a ski slope, reaching speeds of up to 90 kmph. Later they did a workshop on food sustainability and got to taste some amazing cheeses.


Today was a Cultural Appreciation day where we experienced different foods, dances, badges, scarves and tattoos from all over the world!

We started off today doing a service project. The town is expecting a rock fall and a flood (rocks falling into a lake above the town) and have undertaken all sorts of preventative measures to minimize the potential impact. These measures have destroyed a lot of natural habitat though so we built a weasel shelter.


We had fun ! We went to Fruitegresort to climb and hang on an acro-structure, then we played mini-golf, volleyball with the Greek Scouts, ping pong and soccer. It rained a lot but we smiled and whistled!

Today was super fun and challenging, from climbing a wall gym (due to the freezing weather we couldn’t abseil the mountain), to a great ride on mountain bikes and an energetic closing ceremony. Now time to head home!