How to claim the Award

Rovers get invovled

To claim the award, you must prove to TPA that you have completed the requirements by compiling a portfolio of evidence. This is a written document, of approximately 5-20 pages.

The portfolio of evidence. should have the following sections:

  • A cover page:
    including your name, Scout Troop, District and Region, the time period for which you were registered, and any cover art.
  • A table of contents.
  • 4 or 5 sections detailing evidence for each requirement:
    • Service
    • Skills
    • Physical Recreation
    • Adventurous Journey
    • Residential Project (only for gold)

Each section must include: 

  • What you did. Write it like a story and elaborate on your daily actions. Pictures will help.
  • The specifics. How many hours did you spend doing the activity, and over which dates? You must prove that you met the set requirements fully.
  • A signed statement from your Troop Scouter, RS, or the activity leader, verifying the details for each activity claimed.

Please note:

  • If you have completed a requirement in several parts (e.g. you worked on several community service projects), then you must do the same for each individual action.
  • Remember that The President’s Award is not very familiar with common Scouting activities. Explain things from the ground up and give some background.

Submit your portfolio of evidence to your Troop Scouter, RS or SGL. They must submit it to SSA’s Regional or National Office, who will convey it to The President’s Award. It will then be assessed, and an assessment result will be sent to the Scout or Rover within 2-3 months after submission.