The President’s Award

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What is ‘The President’s Award’?

The President’s Award (TPA) is an indpendent structured youth development programme and is the South African implementation of The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  It is recognised and implemented by many schools, universities, and employers. Subjet to eligiblity, youth from all around the country can participate.

Partnership with SCOUTS South Africa

SSA rope sally wellbelovedSCOUTS South Africa has an established partnership with The President’s Award so that Scouts, Rovers and young Scouters can complete the award in conjunction with the Scouting Advancement programmes, and at a reduced cost. Within Scouting, TPA is recognised as a Challenge Award and has its own unique badge.

Overview of The President’s Award

The President’s Award consists of three levels — bronze, silver, and gold — with 4-5 requirements each. There are age restrictions per level as well as specific time frames. So once you’re registered, the clock is ticking! You must complete all the requirements within the registration period.


Bronze Silver


Minimum Age




Maximum Age


Registration Period (Continued from prior level)

6 months

Registration Period (Direct Enrolment)

12 months

18 months

Service (period)

24h (3-6 months)

48h (6-12 months)

72h (12-18 months)

Skill (period)


(3-6 months)


(6-12 months)


(12-18 months)

Physical Recreation (period)
Adventurous Journey*

24km, 2 days consecutive, 1 night

48km, 3 days consecutive, 2 nights

80km, 4 days consecutive, 3 nights

Residential Project

5 days service

Additional Requirements

Additional 3 months in Service, Physical Recreation or Skills.

For Direct Entry only: additional 6 months in Service, Physical Recreation or Skills.

The above is just a summary. Please visit for full details of the requirements.


Before you complete the award requirements, every Scout must register.
No activity done outside of the registration period can be considered for TPA.

The registration process is simply:

  • Complete the SCOUTS TPA Registration Form.
  • Pay the registration fee to SCOUTS South Africa (see the registration form for details).
    Scouting members receive a generous discount as part of the SSA & TPA partnership.
  • Alternatively for bulk registrations, Scouters must please contact the SSA National Office ( to make arrangements for group payment.
  • Submit your registration form and proof of payment to your Troop/Rover Scouter or SGL (as determined by your Group). They will submit it to the SSA National Office on your behalf. Do not submit your documents directly to the National Office. This is necessary to verify that the Scout, Rover or youth is an invested member.
  • Additonal online registration options are being explored and will be communicated once in effect.

Submission Instructions for Scouters:

HikingTo submit the registration forms directly to the National Office by email:
Scan the relevant forms and email them to,  Subject Line: TPA Registration: [TROOP NAME].

Throught the Regional Office: Submit paper copies to your Regional Office.

Please note:

  • Please direct any queries on a pending registration to
  • It’s the responsibility of the Scouter to verify that all submitted forms are for invested members only.
  • It’s beneficial for Scout Groups to register in bulk; however, individuals can register at any time.
  • Applications are processed by the National Office once a month. The President’s Award will confirm registration within the following month via the contact details supplied in the registration form.

Completing the Award

Once you’re registered, the clock is ticking! You must complete all the requirements within the registration period.

Activities done for the Scout Advancement Programme can be used for The President’s Award, the activities are not mutually exclusive. Although each requirement will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, in general the following Scout activities will qualify for The President’s Award:

Requirement Commonly Accepted Activities
Service ·         Any Community Service Project.

·         Rover Community Service Award

·         Rover Community Bar (Requirement 3)

·         Messengers of Peace Projects

·         Food for Life

·         Environmental Service Projects

Skill ·         First Aid Training

·         Various Interest Badges

·         Patrol Leader Training Unit

·         Rover Personal Bar (Requirement 5)

·         Rover Projects Award

·         Rover Event Planner Award

·         Rover Entrepreneurship Award

Physical Recreation ·         Sail Boat Racing

·         Rover Sports Award

Adventurous Journey ·         Rover Ramblers Award

·         Rover Leadership Bar Expedition

·         First Class/Springbok Expedition

·         Cederberg Adventure

·         Cape to Rio Race

·         Other Scout Hikes & Expeditions

Residential Project ·         Springbok Community Service Project

·         Rover Community Service Award

It’s wise to plan your activities before registering. If you are unsure if your plans are sufficient for the requirements, check the list of common activities here:

Before you register, you should also discuss your plan with your Troop or Rover Scouter. Due to the structure of the award, it is much easier to adjust your plans before registering than to make a new one at the last minute.

Claiming your President’s Award?

Sea Scouts teamworkTo claim the award, you must prove to TPA that you have completed the requirements by compiling a portfolio of evidence. This is a written document, of approximately 5-20 pages.

The portfolio of evidence. should have the following sections:

  • A cover page:
    including your name, Scout Troop, District and Region, the time period for which you were registered, and any cover art.
  • A table of contents.
  • 4 or 5 sections detailing evidence for each requirement:
    • Service
    • Skills
    • Physical Recreation
    • Adventurous Journey
    • Residential Project (only for gold)

Each section must include: 

  • What you did. Write it like a story and elaborate on your daily actions. Pictures will help.
  • The specifics. How many hours did you spend doing the activity, and over which dates? You must prove that you met the set requirements fully.
  • A signed statement from your Troop Scouter, RS, or the activity leader, verifying the details for each activity claimed.

Please note:

  • If you have completed a requirement in several parts (e.g. you worked on several community service projects), then you must do the same for each individual action.
  • Remember that The President’s Award is not very familiar with common Scouting activities. Explain things from the ground up and give some background.

Submit your portfolio of evidence to your Troop Scouter, RS or SGL. They must submit it to SSA’s Regional or National Office, who will convey it to The President’s Award. It will then be assessed, and an assessment result will be sent to the Scout or Rover within 2-3 months after submission.

Receiving the Award

If you receive a successful assessment result, well done! You have earned The President’s Award.

  • A signed certificate will be mailed to the Regional Office, and either you or your Scouter can fetch it from there.
  • A fabric badge is available to purchase from the Scout Shop, in the colour of the award level you received. The President’s Award also sells a metal pin badge, which you may wear on a school uniform, for approximately R100.
  • You may be awarded the badge during any normal Scout meeting. Gold recipients may also be invited by The President’s Award to an awards ceremony, held annually. You may wear your Scout uniform to this ceremony.
  • The placement of the badge is detailed in SSA’s Uniform Policy and Badge Charts. A recipient is allowed to wear the award until the age of 25, or until they are no longer a Rover.
  • Recipients may also join the Global TPA Alumni Network here: