launched on 1 May launched on 1 May at midday

SCOUTS South Africa launched the 1st phase of the development of the new national website. The aim of the website is to reinforce our fresh, dynamic and innovative brand and to cater for the needs of our many audiences.

The main focus of the site is member, donor and partner recruitment. Members who are looking for resources will find them in the new Scouts Media Wiki. This site is at its tender beginnings and we look forward to introducing you to the new features as they develop and are released.

The Scoutswiki will soon be available through the Members page and is a living resources library.  It is a flexible tool that allows member participation in building and sharing a wide supply of resources and knowledge for Scouting in and out of South Africa. will still be available to access resources until they have all been loaded on the ScoutsWiki.

Special Thanks to our webmaster Ian Webb who has been instrumental in SCOUTS South Africa’s online presence. For over a decade he has volunteered his time and expertise to develop, establish and maintain the national website for the South African Scouting Movement. We are therefore very happy that he is still our webmaster and IT committee member. He can be reached on