“Subscribing to Scout values creates a better world”

kzn rally 2014 in full swingOn the 6th of September 2014 over 1,500 Cubs and Scouts from the KZN Province took part in the annual SCOUTS South Africa Competition Rally. Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene and Chief Scout Sibusiso Vilane attended the event which took place at the Outdoor Centre in Ladysmith.

This year the winning Cub Pack was 1st Mbhasobheni Pack from the Zululand District. The Scout Troop who took the trophy was 1st Imbaliyamazulu Troop from the Pinetown District.

KZN Scouting Competition Rally 2014 Chief Scout and Minister Nene

Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene spoke to the adult leaders and youths present and stated “The values of Scouting have endured the many changes that our society has gone through. A Scout is a leader and a good Scout must have hope. Continue to uphold the values of Scouting as they will serve you well and look to your Chief Scout Mr Sibusiso Vilane who is an inspiration to all of you.” He continued by saying “If we have civil servants that subscribe to the Scout values there will be less corruption. If we have politicians that subscribe to the Scout values there will be less corruption. If we have the private sector subscribing to the values of Scouting we will have a better world.”

KZN Scouting Competition Rally 2014

Chief Scout Sibusiso Vilane was thrilled and addressed the children and youths saying “Today you displayed amazing talent and passion and this is what SCOUTS South Africa wants to encourage from every one. It’s so important to find your hidden talents. When the Scouting Movement gives you opportunities, you need to grab them! We are looking at you to take over the leadership of our country when we are all gone. You must remember that you are all limitless!”

For the past two months Cub and Scout Groups throughout the province competed in district skill competitions. The winners of each district came together for this exciting Rally and showcased their talents and knowledge while competing to be the best of the province! The various skills and knowledge events included cooking a meal without using any utensils, first aid presentations, knowledge on HIV & AIDS Prevention, the values embedded in the Scout Promise and Law, their environment and national symbols. Per event prizes were up for grabs as well as the title of Best Scout Troop and Best Cub Pack of the Province for 2014. The Rally was hosted by SCOUTS South Africa with the support of the Department of Education of KwaZulu-Natal and the travel expenses of the participants was funded by local government.