Theo Mothlabane Gone Home

It is with great sadness that SCOUTS South Africa announces that on Saturday 13/12/2014 Theo Mothlabane (16 April 1966 – 13 December 2014) went home. For over a decade Theo Mothlabane gave his time and expertise to the South African Scouting Movement.

Theo Mothlabane was a man with a heart for youth empowerment, a passion for environmental preservation and a great sense of adventure! He worked for SCOUTS South Africa from1999 till 2011. He started his career in the Scouting Movement as a Field Officer and became the Manager the Scout Centre of Excellence in Nature and the Environment (SCENE) in 2002.

As the Scene Manager Theo Mothlabane ran the Environmental Education camps for learners in the North West. These camps strive to develop skills and increase understanding and appreciation for how we as humans, with our own cultures and traditions, relate to our biophysical surroundings. They are mainly funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. In his time more than 14,000 learners completed the programme and under his management the SCENE won the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future awards for these camps.

Theo went on to becoming the Chairman of the South African Scout Association North West Province and represented the South African Scouting Movement on a number of occasions overseas. He was passionate about Scouting and moreover about ensuring that youth took part in Scouting and developed skills that would prepare them for a successful life. When he left Scouting he continued his work with youth within the church.

Theo leaves behind his wife and two sons and a daughter.