“Water has no Substitute” – what if it was the last drop?

Are you aware of “International Water Week” which runs from the 16th -22nd March? The theme is: “Water has no Substitute” – what if it was the last drop?

This is a wonderful opportunity to make all of our members aware of the value and benefits of water and also to create awareness of the need to conserve water amongst our members and their families.

It lends itself to fun program ideas based on water for this and next week’s meetings. Try getting your Sixes or Patrols to share a “How to save water at home” or other relevant challenges. Perhaps let them propose their best idea to the Pack/Troop and have a vote for the best idea – put it on SCOUTS South Africa’s Facebook page for others to see!

Consider your patrols devising a 10 point “Water saving checklist” for their homes, and then let them complete the questions for their own and other friendly homes they can safely visit, and compare the results at your next meeting.

More actively play a fun game using water (sparingly) – use your creativity and bring water awareness to life in your meeting.

Got a ‘river’ near your hall – get outdoors and use it as a basis – pollution, clean-up, ideas for using it for recreation are all possible program items to include.

Find out what is planned in your part of the country or Google the many sites with water saving ideas and use one or two to create awareness amongst your members.

The possibilities are endless, the benefits great. Let’s do something now to help save our precious water and catchment areas.

Have lots of fun and share with us what you do @ SCOUTS South Africa’s Facebook Page!