The 1000 Paper Cranes for Peace Photo Mission

If you were granted one wish, what would you ask for?

According to an ancient Japanese legend, folding 1000 paper cranes or Senbazuru entitles one to a special wish that will be granted by a crane. Legend has it that the gesture may also reward one with a sense of peace, happiness and hope.

We, Scouts, wish for peace.

As part of the Peace Programme of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, each Scout Unit is encouraged to bring 100 cranes that will be made into Senbazurus and presented at the Children’s Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Not everyone can attend the Jamboree or send paper cranes to Japan, but everyone can support our wish for peace! Here’s how.

Your mission is to create any number of paper cranes and take a selfie with them wearing your Scout scarf, with a background that is unique to your country – a national/cultural symbol, landmark, landscape, etc.

Once you’ve taken your Paper Cranes for Peace selfies, tag them (#wsj2015) before you upload them at Entry deadline is 5 August 2015.

If we receive 1000 Paper Cranes for Peace selfies, we will compile them and create a video that will be featured on WOSM social media channels. Support our wish for peace, submit your selfies today!

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To learn how to create an origami crane, simply follow the folding instructions featured in the photo gallery above.

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