“Let’s stick together, have fun and enjoy it to the fullest!”

tahirah abrahamsTahirah Abrahams is a 14 year old Scout from 2nd Plumstead Sea Scouts. For the first time she will making a big trip oversees to join 32 000 fellow youths from all over the world at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. “I’m very excited to be going to the Jamboree!,” she gushes. “I’m really looking forward to meeting Scouts from all over the world and seeing how they do things compared to us!”

As this is her first trip oversees Tahirah is a little nervous and says that even though she will miss her family she feels well prepared, like a true Scout! As for the cultural differences she will experience she states “I know the Japanese culture will be very different to mine and that too is something I am looking forward to learning more about. We have been visiting Ocean Basket a lot over the past months so I can practice eating sushi with my chop sticks! It is not easy but I think I have mastered the skill!”, she says with a giggle.

Part of the events programme during the 23WSJ is the Peace Memorial Ceremony. “I am very honoured that I can be part of that. Being a Messenger of Peace is something that our Scout Group really takes to heart. We do a lot of community service projects. Recently in these cold months we did a Soup Kitchen project whereby each Scout patrol made 60 litres of Soup. In total we were able to give 245 litres of warm soup and about 100 loaves of bread to people in informal settlements that needed something to warm them up.”

The theme of this year’s jamboree is “Wa: A spirit of Unity”. When asked what she has to say to the rest of the SA Contingent she says “Let’s stick together, have fun and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to the fullest!”