Swedish Jamboree2017

The Swedish Scouts and Guides have invited SSA members to partake in their Jamboree2017 in Rinkaby (Kristianstad)- the former camp site of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree – to once again create an amazing 9 day experience together. Experience pioneering, cooking and problem solving in the Swedish nature.

Scouts are experts at creating venues for meeting and interacting.  Jamboree17 has three keywords: open mindedness, collaboration and self-esteem, which shapes this experience. Some experiences can only be had when you get 20 000 Scouts and other participants in the same  field. Yes, that’s right! One part of the experience at Jamboree17 is to meet across borders to learn from each other and grow as individuals and as a group!

  • WHEN: August 5th – 12th (August 2nd – 14th for International Service Staff )
  • WHERE: Rinkabyfältet, outside of Kristianstad in the south of Sweden.
  • AGE: Everyone is welcome.  There will be a planned programme for ages 10 to 18. Scouts and guides over the age of 18 years old are welcome as leaders with Scout Groups or as International Service Staff.
  • COST: SEK 3 295 for participants (and leaders/adults) and SEK 1 595 SEK for International Service Staff. (Excluding visa’s and flights).
  • TO REGISTER: The early registration is open and will close 31 January, after which the fees will increase. More information about Jamboree17 can be found at jamboree.se/in-english. For more information email jamboree17@scouterna.se.