Tlhasela BP Hall Mchana

Bokono Rovers clean up BP HallFrom the 31st of March to the 2nd of April the Bokono Rover Crew undertook their “Tlhasela BP Hall Mchana“ project and cleaned up the BP Hall and surrounding premises. The venue in Mafikeng is the Regional North West Office and the Rovers wanted to be of service to the volunteers and young members who frequent it.

16 members of the Bokone Rover Crew worked relentlessly to clean the yard, the storeroom and the office. “We did have some difficulties during the project with water and equipment, but we managed to overcome them as family! YES, as Scouts law No. 8 says, “A scout miles and whistles under all difficulties”. We had to buy 2 x 25 litres of water but got the job done”, explains Rover Crew Chairperson Mojalefa Gopane.

Tlhasela BP Hall MchanaIn addition to being of service, the Rovers were also able to work towards achieving their personal bar and the Scouts aged 17 and above fulfilled requirements towards their rover network badge. “Everyone was happy and the project was successful indeed BOKONE made it happen!” he says proudly.