SDG Challenge for Adult Leaders!

It’s here! The SDG Challenge for our Adult Leaders! Join in the hype and work towards being an SDG Champion! Click here to view the requirements. 

SCOUTS South Africa is actively participating in the Scouts 4 SDG’s campaign. As part of our strategic objectives, our programmes have been developed in order to provide members with tools to create a better world – read more here.

To increase our role even more, SSA is introducing an “SDG Champion badge” for Scouts and Rovers as well as for Adults, which can be achieved over two or more years. The Cubs will be challenged annually to achieve four of the SDG’s as part of their National Cub Challenge. Once a Cub goes up to Scouts, any four of the SDG’s they already covered as a Cub, will be admissible as part of their quest to obtain the SSA SDG Champion badge.

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