You see the importance and greater purpose of what we do!

Lynette de JagerLynette de Jager is a Wood Badge holder and lives in the West Rand with her husband and 2 young boys. She is a primary school teacher at a school for learners with specific learning difficulties. Her favorite hobby is camping and she really enjoys being outdoors with her family and the Scouts. If she has time, she also enjoys baking. Here is her Scouting story:

I joined the Girl Guides when I was about 4 years old as a Teddy. I then progressed through Brownies and Girl Guides where I achieved my Chiefs Challenge. When the Scout Movement opened up to girls, I joined Scouting in an all girls Troop. Many of my family members have been involved in Scouting including my grandfather, father, uncles, and siblings. I have countless fun memories both as a Scout and an Adult Leader, but I think two of the most memorable and important ones for me would be the camp where I met my husband, and the Kon-Tiki campfire where he proposed.

I completed my Wood Badge in Gauteng in 2016 and was recently was appointed Troop Scouter after serving as an ATS for several years. Being a member of the Scout Movement has shown me the value of giving back to others and helping to grow and teach the youth. I get fulfillment from knowing that I am doing something to give back to the Movement that I gained so much from and shaped me to be who I am. Scouting is such a great environment to be with family, spend time outdoors together and be part of a bigger community and family. ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’

When I think back on my Wood Badge course I realise that I made life-long friends who share a passion for Scouting. I learnt about the bigger picture in Scouting, the greater purpose that we serve and the importance of what we do. All of my learning and experiences in Scouting have made me the person that I am today. I feel that I matured as a person and in my understanding of Scouting during my training. Some of the important skills that I learnt were about thinking more outside the box and creating solutions. Planning, planning my use of time, the importance and value of planning well, planning good quality and valuable meetings and planning meetings with a purpose. As an adult volunteer in today’s world, you really need to engage with more aspects of Scouting. I feel that once you have completed the course, you have a much fuller skills-set to be a successful and meaningful adult volunteer.

As a Wood Badge holder I am conscious of the fact that I should lead by example. In all I say and do, to keep in mind what the Scout Promise and Law means to me. I need to ensure that my Scouts and fellow Scouters look to me as a role model and that I present myself and in a way that upholds the values of Scouting. I am honoured and proud to be part of the Movement, and to be a small part that contributes to a very big part of making the world a better place!”

Lynette’s life motto is:

“Love those around you, love what you do, do what you do with love and passion and fill the world with love!”

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