Wood Badge 100 in South Africa

Since the establishment of the Scouting Movement in 1907, training has always been one of the core elements in achieving the Scouting Mission. The 1st Wood Badge training took place at Gilwell Park in England in 1919 and was run by Sir Robert Baden-Powell.

In honour of the Wood Badge Training centenary we will be sharing a number of stories, facts and testimonies! Come back to this page on a regular basis and Enjoy!

Wood Badge Heritage

3 generations WB

Chief Scout Message

Prof Brian Figaji

Craig Burchell-Burger

Andrew Stoltz

Charles Prince

Wood Badge ticket

Sherley Southworth

Jenny Duncan

Lisa Avery

Jill Rainier-Pope

Dorothy Berry

Desiree Bellingham

Annsley Bertha Spies

Terrance Ievers

San Schmutz

Paddy Milner

Lynette de Jager

Phyllishia Fluke

Woggle fact

Godfrey Micklethwaite

Arlene Johnson

2019 Annual Badge