The story of the Meerkat Mob Day

Written by Meerkat Athalia Mudly – with a little help from her mom

Hello, my name is Athalia. What’s yours? We’ll save it for later. I would really like to tell you a story. I’m going to tell you one today. Once upon a time, I was going to be the KZN Meerkats Mob Day. I was very excited.

We made a dream catcher under the trees. It’s something that gives you good luck or good dreams. That’s what I say. And it was really really fun to make with my friends. I added jewels first, and then I added a pink or maybe a purple feather. I found a nice place in my room to hang it. And I always have nice dreams when I go to bed.

The next activity we made a sweet treat at the campfire. I added white chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows to my sugar cone. We wrapped it in foil and gave it to the man to put it on the fire. And we were doing it in the bush.

I made friends with Alyssa and Emily. And we climbed a tree with all our other friends. We also had a picnic with all the sweet tasty good stuff.

We made little tree bark things (coasters). You know for your bottles or your cups or something. Your cups make these horrible marks so that’s why we made these special cup things (coasters), so that when you put your cup down or something to drink from, you put your cup on top of it so that it keeps your table all nice. It’s nice to do that.

And then we made an eye spy bottle. First we put this grain inside then we put all sorts of goodies. I had some pretty girl eyes and one blue piece of Lego – or maybe green – which we had to find after shaking the bottle.

Oh, and we also did plaiting. Plaiting is really nice. I put it on my bag.

But wait, I’m not done. Then we did a yummy taste test. It was so yummy. We had to cover our eyes and taste all the things I liked. There was even white chocolate, that’s why I wouldn’t forget this day.

Oh, and then we did painting. Or maybe something about your feelings. The kind lady said we’re going to do something special that makes us feel good. We did it to match with our special word. We had these spray guns that were filled with paint. Then we sprayed the paint onto our paper. It was really nice.

Then we did these blocks with Rafiki. First, we had to build a tower out of giant boxes. We had to try and knock the other person’s tower down. It was a high, high tower, and my friends tried to knock it down. But we kept on adjusting it and it was a really quick adjust. We could also get some breaks to collect the beanbags then throw again. After that we all worked together and made a really, really big tower. And then we knocked it down together. It was so fun.

After that we got our badges and had our picnic. But first we picked up our cones from the campfire.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the story. Bye.

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