Gold stars for standing tall and working hard!

Over the past 12 months Connor de Jager and his fellow Meerkats, Den Scouters and Meerkat parents didn’t let the lockdown get the better of them. They continued to learn and grow whilst having fun. On the 24th of April 2021, 8 Meerkats from Johannesburg and Pretoria were awarded their Gold Star Meerkat badges and certificates.

Congratulations to Liam Ramsamy, Aniki Moodley and Katelyn Elliott from 1st Morningside, Jemma Ruth Rens and Joshua James Bishop from 1st Craighall, Kian Droste from 1st Randburg, Connor de Jager from 1st Robin Hills and Francesca Aucamp from 35th Pretoria.

We spoke to Connor de Jager about his Meerkat Adventure. “When I began Meerkats, I had to do hiking and I met everyone. To get my stars I had to hike and do work. I had to learn about safety, about healthy eating and how to build puzzles.

I like being a Meerkat because I do lots of hard stuff and I learn. My favourite part about being a Meerkat is that I learn. I went walking with my family. I saw some cool creatures and plants and animals.”

Connor loves being a Meerkat and taking part in Meerkat activities. When asked if he enjoyed working on his Gold star, he answered, “Yes!”

“I had to work very hard to get my gold star”, continues Connor. “I had to do very hard stuff, like hiking and walking and picking up litter. I had to teach my friend Alice the Meerkat prayer to get my Gold Star. Kids should be Meerkats because they learn to do good stuff and be good and not be naughty.

My favourite memory as a Meerkat is that I got my Gold Star because now I’m going to be a Cub. I’m excited to be a Cub to make more fires.”

 “Working on his advancement and badge requirements has given us as a family the opportunity to go on interesting outings and do fun activities like treasure hunts and experiments together”, adds his mom Lynette de Jager. “Connor tries hard to ‘Stand tall’ in everything he does.”

Some of the recent Meerkat adventures included building blanket forts, making supper on a braai whilst singing campfire songs, cooking breakfasts, helping around the house, building puzzles, going on treasure hunts within their homes and gardens, and learning basic 1st aid as well as numerous handcrafts. When exercise was permitted they participated in national SCOUTS SA hike challenges and community service projects.

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