With Scouting the impossible becomes possible

Betty Hlathi is a Rover in the Free State and was recently appointed as the first of SCOUTS SA’s youth influencers. Unlike the name suggests, our influencers will not be promoting products or services, but will in fact be promoting the work of our SA Scouting members in creating a better world.

The objective of the programme is to find local SSA impact stories and share them on our SSA websites and social media channels and get the Scout Impact seen and heard both offline and online! Our influencers have been trained, and will continue to hone their content development skills whilst sharing your community service and Scouting stories. To have your projects and success stories featured, email a paragraph explaining your story to pr@scouts.org.za and one of our influencers or Regional Marketing Reps will be in touch!  #youthempowerment

To kick off the programme, we asked our Influencers to write their own Scouting story.  Meet Betty Hlathi, SSA Free State Influencer.

My name is Betty Hlathi. I’m a 19-year-old girl who began my journey in 2010 as a Cub at Itumeleng Mabelle Primary School in Welkom (Free State). When Akela addressed Scouting and all it entails, I knew I had to join! I completed all of the duties that were assigned to me, some of which were relevant to my academics and others were general knowledge. Nonetheless, they were all important. I became a Scout in 2016, second year of high school. I learnt the fundamentals of compassion and humanity through Scouting activities, and was able to develop my leadership skills. Eventually I became a Patrol Leader.  It was unfortunate that I had to miss out on some of the badges and training chances due to personal problems, but I never stopped learning. We recently registered our Goldfields Eagles Crew, so we can now carry on with our love for Scouting.

I joined Scouts out of enthusiasm to create a change in my society, and to become the person I long wanted to be.

I joined Scouts out of enthusiasm to create a change in my society, and to become the optimistic and self-reliant person I have long wanted to be. Because I was already a cheery person, it was never difficult for me to engage with others, in fact it encouraged me to be more active. I also enlisted the help of other friends, one of whom was an introvert with a low self-esteem. When campfires were still permitted – pre Covid – she shocked me by speaking fearlessly and honestly at one of our campfire talks!

Being in Scouting  also strengthened my thinking ability and enhanced my understanding of nature history as well as science. I met friends that are like siblings to me. They are there for me when I need to share my tensions, job chances and we keep each other updated about everything. Most importantly, we have one other’s backs. I apply the traits and teachings I acquired from the organisation daily.  I try to spread the word about them as much as possible.

I can now make the best out of a bad circumstance, keep a constant smile on my face and be the best version of myself at all times. I live by Baden Powell’s adage, “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others”. Not only do I win respect but trust too. Whenever my name is mentioned, it is a positive energy whether we are in or outside Scouting. I shall be eternally grateful because individuals like us are really rare in this world. If somebody is struggling and trying to make sense out of things, I encourage them to join Scouts and gain a new perspective of the world.

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