“A fun thing called Scouting”

Dylan Cloete was recently appointed as one of SCOUTS SA’s Youth Influencers for the Western Cape. He will be writing and sharing local community service and success stories with the aim of enhancing our profile both online and offline!

To have you story featured send a paragraph explaining your impact story to pr@scouts.org.za and one of our influencers or Regional Marketing Reps will be in touch.

So, meet Dylan Cloete, SSA Influencer for the Western Cape.

Dylan John Cloete, a small 7-year-old is told by his parents that there is this fun thing called Scouting that his brothers just started, and he should try out Cubs. This small event started a journey that has spanned over 14 years of my life and has come with some of my greatest experiences and lessons. The Durbanville/ Kraaifontein Sea Scout Group has been my Scout home for all these years. From being that 7-year-old Cub , to serving as a 21-year-old Assistant Troop Scouter and recently as a Rover Recruit with our new Rover Crew.

After my Cub journey I was 11 and ready to start my Scout adventure. Exactly 11 days after my 11th birthday I was invested into Scouts with Johnathan Hillier who I didn’t know yet would be a massive part of my Scouting journey and a great friend. This is where some of the greatest friendships were forged, memories made, and lessons learnt.  Although following in the footsteps of two Springbok Scouts as older brothers was not an easy task; I was able to forge my own path. I decided that Springbok was not something for me and began my journey to experience everything else Scouting had to offer. It was everything I dreamt of and more. From travelling across the country and the world, to meeting people from all walks of life whilst creating lifelong friendships, to finally gaining skills and knowledge that will serve me through life.

What I have gained from Scouting is endless. Simple things in Scouting such as First Aid, cooking and hiking have become personal passions and hobbies.

Scouting helped me find my passion in First Aid which then guided me in my career field to study a Bsc in Human Life science. I hope one day to use the knowledge from my degree to help understand problems in our world and how to resolve them. Through Scouting, I have had many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise such as job shadowing a paramedic, who happened to be an ex-Scout as well as having plenty of hours of community service to put on my university transcript and CV.

Scouting helped me find my passion in First Aid which guided me to study a Bsc in Human Life Science.

If I need to pick a few of my favorite memories, they will always be some of my Scouting ones. From the unique experience of Cederberg 2016 to teaching South African culture in Japan, growing as a person on PLTU and ending off my Scout career with Sanjamb where I met some amazing people. Cederberg will remain one of my greatest hiking experiences and I have hiked several well-known weeklong hikes such as Otter trail, Oorlogskloof and Outeniqua. The sheer bliss of hiking 120km over 10 days with great friends is truly something to behold. Then there is the World Scout Jamboree in Japan which blew my mind. Words are not even able to describe the once in a lifetime experience that I had. The friends I made on the Jamboree have become friends that I still have until this day. One was even able to visit me in Cape Town from England. Finally ending off my Scout journey was Sanjamb. Out of the amazing Scouting experiences, I think this was my best one. The people I met on Sanjamb have become such great friends and have shaped my life for the better. It was the pinnacle of Scouting and I wish one day to allow my Scouts to experience it themselves.

The day one turns 18 is normally where the Scouting journey ends for many a Scout. For me, it signified a brand new chapter in my journey within the Scout Movement. I became an Assistant Troop Scouter to be able to give back. I immediately went straight into my training, completing my Introduction to Adult Leadership, Warrant and First Aid in the same year.

I have found myself learning such a great deal from being an adult leader. Helping to shape the youth has become a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine myself without it!