Nsuku becomes 1st Shiluvane’s 1st Springbok Scout!

Written by SSA Youth Influencer Sharmaine Zita, Limpopo Region

Photo by Louise Batty

The Scout programme is designed to help young people develop valuable life skills as well as morals, values, and self-confidence. The highest award a Scout can achieve within South Africa is the Springbok Scout. With the revision of the Scout programme becoming a Springbok Scout became more inclusive.

In 2021 Chief Commissioner Gary Pienaar, the Limpopo Scout Region, and partner NGO KDT196 were proud to award the first Springbok Award in the greater Tzaneen District to 18-year-old Nsukumahundla “Nsuku” Mahundla! This was a historic moment for Scouting in Limpopo as it was the first time a KDT196 and Development Troop Scout achieved this accolade.

Nsuku began his Scouting journey as a Cub. Since then he grew through the programme to become a Springbok Scout and is now also an adult leader. “I am ecstatic to be a Scouting member”, he says. “Being part of Scouting gives me a sense of hope and belonging. When I think back on earning my Springbok Award, it was not easy. There were a lot of obstacles that I encountered, but none of them stopped me from following my goals because I believe that nothing comes easy in life. For me to achieve my Scouting goal I really had to work hard and leave certain things behind.

One of my Springbok journey highlights was the expedition I planned with my Patrol. I was able to lead a group of six Scouts and three Rovers along an 80-kilometer journey that included three days and two nights. As part of the requirements, I had to conduct all of the planning which included getting permission from the landowners, obtaining authorization forms from Scouts, and permission from the SCOUTS South Africa National office for the hike. I also had to figure out what they would eat for the duration of the hike. It was a thrilling experience for me and my Troop!” he says with a smile. “I feel very lucky because I had a great group of Scouts and Rovers who helped me out. I’m grateful for all the efforts displayed.”

When I asked how he feels about becoming the first KDT196 Scout in the greater Tzaneen area to obtain their Springbok he stated: “I am delighted to have earned the Springbok Award.. This award is so special to me because being patient and investing all your time to make a difference can help you achieve more.

Nsuku with Elizabeth Mabuza. Photo by Louise Batty

Scouting has changed my life. I would like to say to all children, young adults, and parents reading my story that Scouting has rescued countless children and young adults! If you join us, you will learn incredible things and grow into something greater than you can ever imagine. Even if you are afraid, Scouting will give you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and build your self-esteem.

To my fellow Scouts who are still going through the journey towards obtaining their Springbok Award, I would like to say that you all should know that nothing comes easy in life and that if you believe with all your heart that you want to achieve certain goals, then work for it and always allow others to help you.

Nsuku has since also stepped into the role of Troop Leader with 1st Shiluvane. “As a TS I am able to aid my fellow Scouts in honing their abilities and expanding their knowledge and skills through Scouting”, he concludes with a smile.

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