Scouting is where I belong

Written by Mtha Nazo, SSA Youth Influencer Eastern Cape South Region

Today on #internationalwomensday we are highlighting the role women play within Scouting as leaders, volunteers, members, partners, spouses and parents. The work done behind the scenes to keep our programmes running is not going unnoticed.

One such powerful women who has been creating change in her community for over 12 years is Tandi Nqini, from the Community Church Scout Group in the Amathole Central District in the Eastern Cape South Region. 

“My love for Scouting was instant”, recounts Tandi with a smile. “My husband, Lunga Nqini, started a Scout Group within our church and initially recruited me to assist him with the girls during camps. I became so passionate about Scouting that I ended up becoming a Pack Scouter! I realised that my love for Scouting did not only allow me to exercise my desire to help and work with young people, but Scouting also showed me how it could significantly contribute towards my own self-development.”

The Scout Movement emphasizes the role we have as members towards community service and community development. I asked Tandi how this objectives ties into her own drive to be of service to others?

“Personally, I was always concerned each time I saw children wandering in the streets with nothing to do. I was always calling and gathering them together to help serve the community. For example, we identified needy people from our area and decided to take care of them. When I joined Scouts, I realised it’s where I belong. Here I am able to offer children an good programme and serve them better.”

Over the years you have been working alongside Mr Lunga Nqini, your husband. What has it been like taking this Scouting journey together?

“Working with my husband has been a great opportunity, I have learned so much more about outdoor activities. I am grateful that we get to share and be a part of the growth and development of children together. I particularly enjoy hiking, camping and learning about survival skills.”

As a parent and a volunteer, why would you say parents should introduce their children to Scouts?

“I always encourage parents to allow their children to join Scouting as I have seen how the different Scouting programmes have made a great impact in developing children in all spheres of life.”

What’s your favourite Scouting memory?

“I have many wonderful Scouting memories, but the PowWow must be my favourite event as I learnt new skills that have been helpful in keeping the children entertained and having fun while they are learning”, she says with a giggle.

Recently the Scout Group awarded their first Springbok award. The group is also always actively involved in national challenges, campaigns and grabs opportunities with both hands every time.

For youth members in the region who have been following the development of the Community Church Group youth it is clear how they are making a difference in the lives of young people. Twelve years later, Tandi Nqini continues to play her role within her community, and in the lives of girls and boys in Scouting.

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