Our Scouting Principles are the formula for making it in life!

Written by Mfundo Jiyane, SSA Youth Influencer

Atlegang Paul Bonolo Moseki, also known as “Pepper”, recently became the first Springbok Scout in 10 years in the North West Region. He started his Scouting journey as an 8-year old Cub in 2012 at the 1st Vaal Reefs Troop situated in the small town of Orkney in Kanana. During his Scouting journey he acquired a lot of leadership skills under the guidance of great Scouters who not only helped him achieve his Springbok Award, but have also helped him become a better citizen. 

 “My leadership skills started to evolve when I was assigned as a Sixer at my Pack under the leadership of my Akela Sis Pam. From a Sixer to an Assistant Patrol Leader, to becoming a Patrol Leader of the Eagles Patrol which got a Gold Star Patrol evaluation this year! That was one of the biggest highlights in my life”, says Atlegang excitedly. “Having to lead a small group of young people from different backgrounds was quite hard as you have to make decisions based on reality, and not to serve everyone’s interests. Also being part of someone’s journey and progress and making sure each and every one of them makes positive lifestyle choices can be hard. Another one of my biggest highlights for the year was attending the annual Kon-Tiki in Gauteng. This has to be one of the best experiences ever as we bonded with my Troop, which is now my second family. Nothing warms my heart more than making a difference in a black child’s life. All this made me to be aware of the huge role I was playing in my community, which really took me a long time to acknowledge.” 

“Scouting has made a big impact on my life and my community at large, as it plays a lot of roles in an individual’s life. This Movement provides us with a safe environment to evolve our potential. Scouting for me serves as a rehabilitation center, a school, a church, and a crisis center, all in one. It has empowered my community’s youth to have a positive view of life, and to be able to take responsible decisions for their lives. Scouting has proven to me that the harder you work for something, the greater you will feel the results of your hard work when you start achieving what you have worked for.  We have our principles of Scouting which are our Law, Promise, Motto and  Prayer. I believe this is the formula for making it in life. Discipline was instilled in me through tough conditions which taught me how to become a unique, polite, humble and consistent individual.” 

Scouting has proven that the harder you work for something, the greater you will feel the results of your hard work 

“There is no abstract noun that can describe how I feel for being the 1st ever Springbok Scout after 10 years in the North West Region. All I know is that I’ve inspired and encouraged many young upcoming Scouts by making them aware that it is possible to achieve everything that you set your mind to. In my journey I have also learned that listening to your leaders is a very important thing to do. I’m very privileged and fortunate to have been under the leadership of my SGL Theo Matlawe and our mentor Mr. Isaac Tei Tei Matlawe, who motivated me and helped me throughout my journey in all aspects as it was a very emotional journey for me. Funding was one of the hardest challenges I had to go through, not only for myself, but also for my parents as well. This is not an individual accomplishment trust me, you will stumble without the triangle of support which is your community, your Troop members and your Leaders. My advice to all the upcoming Scouts is that the only way you’ll prevail when it comes to balancing your academics and Scouting, is by having time management. This was one of my biggest challenges but through consistency I managed to overcome it. As much as the community plays a big role in supporting you, Scouting prepares you to become a role model and for you to play a constructive role in your community“, continues Atlegang. 

This Movement provides us with a safe environment to evolve our potential

“Throughout my  Scouting and Springbok journey I’ve volunteered at the local library, churches, schools and at an old age home. My service project was mainly focused on doing service for the Movement”, he explains. “I served 3 months and organised a camp for the youth church at The Lady of Good Hope Church. Now there is a functioning Troop which received a Bronze Star Troop evaluation and 2 Silver Patrol evaluations in a space of six months. This was possible thanks to the support from Ishmael Matlawe my Troop Scouter and Rovers Lerato Cilishsne (Akela for 1st Vaal Reefs’ and Lady of Good Hope Packs) as well as Neo Mojaki.  I also thank and recognise Scouters Nathaelyn Makhakayi , Sthembiso September and my fellow rival Patrol Leader Refiloe Mpholo. I also want to thank my  RTC Tebogo Moletsane and my respected RC Papa Thabiso Majola as without them this project wasn’t going to be a success.  Throughout this project I grew a stronger connection with GOD which helped me to find my purpose in life. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Potchefstroom TVET college. In the near future I see myself as a BP Award recipient, spreading the Movement of Scouting till the near edge of earth! Our founder Lord Robert Baden Powell is a testimony that one man can change the world and I will be following in those footsteps”, he concludes with a smile.