A little effort makes a difference

Written by SSA Youth Influencer Nandi Tshabalala

Service to Self. Service to Others, and Service to the Community. This is what our young adults (Rovers) live by. Being of service is engrained in all our programme traditions and advancements.  At the end of the year the Rovers in the KZN Region came together to provide some relief to people in the South Beach area who were hungry.  We held a “Sandwich Drive” and we all made sandwiches and came together to hand them out to people in need of them.

When asked what it feels like to partake as a youth in the Sandwich Drive, KZN Regional Rover Advisory Council member Kayleigh Timmer, said: “The Sandwich Drive was quite an eye opener in terms of the need for initiatives like this, and how feasible they really are to run. I think what most struck me about the drive was that every little effort makes a difference, and every sandwich means someone gets a meal they wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

The KZN Rover Advisory Council has upped their initiatives this year and have called on all the local teams of young adults (Rover Crews) to plan and run a community service initiative within their direct communities. “Service strengthens community ties and it is a good way to do our part in society, while helping us to develop into well-rounded adults that care for others and themselves.”