Jared Weldrick, Springbok Scout

Supplied by Theo Rijs, Chair: National Scout Programme

Congratulations to Jared Weldrick, Fairland Air Scouts, Gauteng for achieving his Springbok Award! “Congratulations Jared! Your Springbok Award is a testament to your commitment to excellence. Keep shooting for the stars and inspiring others along the way!”

Jared showed his outdoor prowess, with a 30km hike in the Vredefort Dome area adjacent to the Vaal River. The Springbok Expedition included overnight stops at the Baskop camping site on the first day and then a loop back to Baskop camp on the second day. The culmination of the expedition on the third day involved a final hike to the pick-up point near the original drop-off location.

Jared’s Community Service Project was a service to the Scouting community where he demonstrated exceptional commitment and skill in a refurbishment project undertaken at the Gilwell Training Centre’s chapel in Florida. The extensive task involved replacing the entrance roof with thatching, renewing rotten poles, and recreating deteriorated back benches. The project required extra days due to unforeseen challenges. Jared’s perseverance and craftsmanship were evident as he successfully navigated the challenges, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality refurbishment leaving a lasting impact on the Gilwell Training Centre.

Jared’s Scout Skills pioneering project executed at Delta Park was the construction of a medieval-style trebuchet for launching projectiles. The project unfolded with remarkable precision over three days. On the final day, Jared and the team completed the trebuchet by filling the weight net, ensuring every detail was in place for the momentous launch. The culmination of their team effort came to fruition as the trebuchet, a medieval marvel, was successfully fired. Jared’s leadership and technical pioneering prowess shone through in this unique and fun project, highlighting the importance of pushing the boundaries of creativity whilst undertaking a Springbok Journey.

When we approached him to share his thoughts on his Springbok Journey, he replied: “Scouting had changed my life for the better as I had support and a family there. I could learn and grow with them. It helped teach me the importance of planning and being prepared. It impacted me positively and I will miss it. For new Springbok Candidates I recommend punctuality with planning and permits as it gives a massive breather that lets you have time to fix mistakes.