Scouting, a continuous positive cycle of growth

Letlhogonolo Elvis Modise, better known as ‘Tiger’ in the North West Scouting community is joining the National Youth Influencer team. He will be assisting North West Regional Marketing Representative Eugene Kgori in highlighting the Scout impact in his Region and in promoting the national and regional campaigns amidst his networks.

Tiger joined the Scout Movement on the 15th of January 2020 at 1st Montshioa Scout Group and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since! “I was interested in this Movement because I love to explore nature. I believe it is not a place to visit, but it’s home! I have many memories, but one of my best ones as a Scout was definitely JOTA/JOTI, better known as the Jamboree on the Air/Jamboree on the Internet Camp in 2020. It was an honour getting to communicate with other Scouts internationally using interesting methodologies like Morse Codes to get messages across. Up to this day, I am still in touch with our international friends whom I hope to meet again at the next Jamboree”, he says excitedly.

“As a Scout there were things that were more challenging, like during Troop programmes I sometimes would struggle more with pioneering. It consisted of many knots, and when lashing around those poles, at times, I would forget the name of the knot. But once I remembered how it started. I was able to finish the lashing without assistance. Through team work and practising I have learnt to master few of the lashing tricks which I am able to teach to my Scouts with confidence today.

When I joined the Scouts I was a very shy person and I was struggling with speaking right in public. Through Scouting I have had a chance to be a leader in Troop camps and other social Scout events where I was giving instructions and was leading a programme. This has really boosted my morale and confidence, even at the workplace”, he continues.

“I think Scouting is good for both boys and girls as it trains you physically, mentally, spiritually and otherwise. Scouting will contribute towards you becoming a better person and as a Scout you would do unto others as they have done unto you. All this being done using the ‘learning by doing methodology’. It is a continuous positive circle. It keeps me happy to see young Scouts’ success in their academic and social careers.

As a Scouting youth I decided to step into leadership to firstly hone my leadership skills which I will not only use in Scouting, but also in the workplace. I also wish to establish my own Troop one day and ensure Scouts are well trained in order to continue the legacy left for them just as there were others before us that did this for us. It is also important for young people to take on leadership roles in Scouting to grow within their careers. You will not be young forever, and this will also assist leaders in bringing in new change ideas that are fun and educational at the same time, as far as the Scout programme is concerned.   

Since I joined Scouting, people like Ras Pablo Mogotsi and Bassjohn Ikgopoleng have been my role models because of their super activeness over the years. Over a period of 3 decades, they have experienced all kinds of personalities in Scouting. Systems changed and they had to adapt with them, like for example today’s digital Scouting world. They have managed to adopt the new changes in the Scout programme and have been able to pass it down to other generations continuously. It is quite motivating to see such consistent leadership and I am grateful to be learning skills from them daily. I feel that as an adult volunteer, one of the best things it that you will travel the world! That’s for sure!”

When Tiger is not exploring and giving his Scouts the best Scouting experience ever, he is studying at the Kgaka Kgolo Institute in Mahikeng and working as SGB Foundation male teacher in Mahikeng. “I am also a basketball player, and I love singing too. Scouting friends close to me know that I can honestly not go camping without my special coffee set, from the cup to the sugar”, he laughs. “I’d rather make a U-Turn along the way and be late for the camp, I really cannot end or start my day without my coffee!”