Over 2 million views in 2 weeks for SSA’s new campaign

On the 24th of August SCOUTS South Africa, with the support of Not Norm Advertising Agency and Velocity Films, launched their new Awareness Campaign ‘Learn It Young Remember It Forever’. Two weeks later we have over 2 million views worldwide on You Tube.

“We are delighted and at the same time humbled by the overwhelming interest in our advert”, says SCOUTS South Africa CEO Milly Siebrits. “The fact that so many people from within Scouting but also the advertising world have spoken highly about the concept, highlights the poignant and relatable nature of our message. The lessons we learn as a child are often the most important lessons of our lives. Before the age of adolescence, your ability to learn and remember is exceptional. In fact, as a person you learn most of your foundations and values in those early formative years. With 12 million South Africans living in extreme poverty, Scouting empowers children to be prepared and gives them the values and skills they need to overcome life challenges. We hope this advert will enhance the profile of Scouting in South Africa so we can welcome new members to our Movement” she adds.