Happy Centenary!

Dear Pack Scouters, Assistant Pack Scouters and all the volunteers who give to Cubbing,

Let me begin by congratulating the Scouting Movement as a whole for such an outstanding achievement in Cub Scouting.  Reaching one hundred years of Cubbing is phenomenal!  It is no mean feat. We definitely have the right to celebrate this milestone that has been achieved in running the Cub programme worldwide for this long.

Since no organisation/Movement can exist for so many years without a sound foundation phase, we can confidently say that Cubbing plays an integral role in keeping both South African Scouting and the World Scout Movement in progress.

It is when we nurture and instil to young children, the values and principles that we stand for as a Movement that we can only hope to reach another one hundred years of Scouting.  It is in these early years of development that we can hope to grow the interest for Scouting. Cubbing stands firm in its own right, but also sets the stage for future Scouts, Rovers and Adult Leaders who live and embody the Scouting values.

We cannot forget that for all the Cub programmes to be run and monitored properly; we need dedicated and committed people. People who sacrifice their own precious time to serve children and their community.  Your willingness to serve is very much appreciated. To all of you who have stood by and made sure that the Cub programmes are being run and managed in such a progressive manner I say congratulations and well done to you all for steering the ship to one hundred years.

As you take on camps and celebrations, as you plan and commemorate the Cub Centenary at your various Scout Groups, Districts and Regions, I would like to say to you keep up the wonderful work that you are doing to move our young people forward. Celebrate by looking forward to another one hundred years of Cub Scouting.

I salute you!

Yours in Cub Scouting

Sibusiso Vilane
Chief Scout
SCOUTS South Africa