How has volunteerism changed you?

Message from Chief Scout Brendon Hausberger

Chief Scout joins in at a WC SIS Camp. Photo by Brendan Dale

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that our volunteers have?  How they impacted your life when you were a member of Scouting? How they continue to work to change the lives of people across the breadth of South Africa?

When you consider that they do this while giving freely of their time, expertise and resources, you can imagine just how grateful we are – and should be – for their service. Hundreds of people have been striving to leave this world a better place for many years. On a weekly – if not daily – basis they impart skills and values on the youth they work with. Thus, not only changing lives but simultaneously building healthier communities.

I am sure that those of you who are no longer able to work directly with the youth can positively reminisce about the hard work, effort and energy it took to be the positive influence in the lives of others. But I’m confident that you also remember the tired smile in the back seat of the car when you came back from camp, or the pride of seeing a young person achieve something they never knew they were able to do.

After all, if you think about it, volunteering was – and still is – the ultimate expression of democracy. Every time you give of yourself and strive to make a positive impact in the life of another person, you are choosing to enable them to be part of the kind of community you want to live in. By inspiring one person at a time to be the best they can be, we can effectively build the country we all want to live in.

To all our volunteers, for your past, present, and future contributions I thank each and every one of you! Thank you for giving children and youth nationwide the opportunity to live the Scout Experience and to learn and grow up to be good citizens, exemplary leaders and extraordinary human beings.

Chief Scout

For more information about volunteering at SCOUTS South Africa, click here.

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