Prometheus Rovers’ book drive for rural schools

The Prometheus Rover crew recently did a book drive to gather books for Siyafunda Donate-a-book, an organisation which provides libraries in unique and upcycled formats to rural and underserved schools.

“To serve our passion for education and the youth, a number of boxes of books were gathered and donated from amongst our community”‘ explains Kathleen Godfrey, SA Rover and Chairperson of the youth advisors to the Africa Scout Committee. “We donated the books and met with Ntokozo, who runs the organisation, and learned more about their new library in a bin project. We also got to see the indigenous language books that they purchase for these rural libraries.”

“Siyafunda is an awesome organisation and the Prometheus Rover Crew would love to continue working with them in future, whether on book drives, gathering of other resource donations or attending handover events at the schools in question” she concluded.

To find out more about SCOUTS South Africa’s dedication to achieving the Global Goals, click here.

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