I think we should all clean up regularly

By Adam Nanguia – Age 7 – 1st Bryanston Saturday Cub Pack

As members of the Scout Movement we all strive to respect our environment and to be of service to our communities. Recently Scouts around the country rallied to create a Better World for BP by picking up litter and making our parks, streets and public spaces cleaner. 7 year old Cub Adam Nanguia and his family took it one step further and collected trash for 7 days in a row (Tide Turners Plastic Challenge).

This is Adams account of his 7-day challenge experience.

“So, my first day was Saturday. I went with my dad when the power was out. On Sunday my dad and I went out again at the same time and then after that I also went with my mom and sister. On the Monday I found a snail. It was a very big snail and I showed it to my mom. It was the size of both my fists put together! On Tuesday I went with my mom because the power went out at home and I could not do any online school, so we decided to rather get out and do this.  And then afterwards we went to get milkshakes!

The next day I went with my dad again at lunch time.  After that I was allowed to play on my PS3. On Thursday my mom, dad and I started super early at 6.30 a.m because my mom had to leave for Limpopo. It was interesting to see the area covered in so much dew – the sun had just come up. Over the week I had found some clothing and lots of glass bottles. My dad was impressed at how good the area was looking as I had been picking up litter regularly. I think we all need to do this cleaning up regularly even if there isn’t a challenge to make us do it.

Then on the last day, the Friday, I got lots of rubbish! I also saw a tree had fallen down. I had seen this tree on my days picking up litter, but now it was on the ground. There were little mushrooms growing out of it.  The tree was close to the Klein-Jukskei river, near to where I live. I had fun making the World Better for BP. It made me feel good to keep this area clean and free from litter! So, that is my story of my 7 days of cleaning up rubbish – bye!”

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