Completing the Award


Once you’re registered, the clock is ticking! You must complete all the requirements within the registration period.

Activities done for the Scout Advancement Programme can be used for The President’s Award, the activities are not mutually exclusive. Although each requirement will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, in general the following Scout activities will qualify for The President’s Award:

Requirement Commonly Accepted Activities
Service ·         Any Community Service Project.

·         Rover Community Service Award

·         Rover Community Bar (Requirement 3)

·         Messengers of Peace Projects

·         Food for Life

·         Environmental Service Projects

Skill ·         First Aid Training

·         Various Interest Badges

·         Patrol Leader Training Unit

·         Rover Personal Bar (Requirement 5)

·         Rover Projects Award

·         Rover Event Planner Award

·         Rover Entrepreneurship Award

Physical Recreation ·         Sail Boat Racing

·         Rover Sports Award

Adventurous Journey ·         Rover Ramblers Award

·         Rover Leadership Bar Expedition

·         First Class/Springbok Expedition

·         Cederberg Adventure

·         Cape to Rio Race

·         Other Scout Hikes & Expeditions

Residential Project ·         Springbok Community Service Project

·         Rover Community Service Award

It’s wise to plan your activities before registering. If you are unsure if your plans are sufficient for the requirements, check the list of common activities here:

Before you register, you should also discuss your plan with your Troop or Rover Scouter. Due to the structure of the award, it is much easier to adjust your plans before registering than to make a new one at the last minute.