Scouting skills could be the difference between life or death.

Gregg Bailey‘Learn It Young. Remember It Forever.’ The new awareness campaign for SCOUTS South Africa is breaking records by getting over two million views within two weeks of going online. Whilst the concept of the advert by Not Norm Advertising Agency is being applauded worldwide, the video would not be what it is, had it not been for the brilliant production by Velocity Films, and renowned Film Director Gregg Bailey.  We spoke to Gregg on why he decided to support SCOUTS South Africa and take on this project.

Together with Gavin Whitfield from Not Norm you were one of the main driver of this project that was done pro bono for SCOUTS SA. What motivated you to take this on and to approach your colleagues to get this video made? 

I was having coffee with Gavin Whitfield when he mentioned a new idea he was working on. I instantly loved it and told him I had to be part of it! Learning something young and remembering it forever is a simple concept to understand. I think this is a very powerful message to get out there, and the simplicity of the creative concept made this something I couldn’t wait to get involved in. Scouting teaches life skills, important skills you might need one day – it could be the difference between life or death.

You are known to represent a brand with integrity and creativity. Do you think this video captures the essence of Scouting and being prepared for life?

“Learn It young. Remember It Forever” and “Be Prepared” are the same thing. This visual representation of ‘be prepared’ is a great demonstration of what the Scouts Movement is all about – life skills.

The advert required specific conditions from a location that would make it come alive. You selected Rooi Els in the Western Cape. How did you find the shoot location and the actors? 

One of the elements we were looking for when we looked at all the beaches around Cape Town was a pristine setting. Somewhere you would want to go swimming. The concept that drowning can happen in an instant in even an idyllic setting is something we thought was important. By not using one of the normal swimming beaches we needed to consult with marine experts who could advise us of which beaches were safest to avoid dangers such as rip tides and sharks.

The cast were fantastic, there was an innocence and vulnerability about both Ian and Hannah which made them obvious choices for this commercial. Plus they were both very happy swimming in the ocean which was absolutely necessary because the waters of Cape Town are notoriously cold.

Cast fact: Kevin Otto who played the father is a former USA Scout

 Would you describe yourself as an outdoor adventurer?

I grew up on a farm outside Colesberg in the Karoo and love the outdoors but adventurer? I’m no Bear Grills. But being outdoors has given me a great sense of direction – I can always find my way home.

You are about to become a dad for the first time. Did making this advert make you reflect on your upcoming role as a “daddy” and all the adventures that lie ahead?

This commercial does make me think about the important life skills I don’t possess, the value of certain skills is huge.

So the big question is will your child be a Scout one-day?

I hope so. Maybe this commercial will show the value of Scouts and my child will choose to be a Scout.

Velocity Films often gives back to organizations in support of communities. By being on site it was clear that all of you have a heart for helping others. On behalf of SCOUTS South Africa we would like to thank you and the crew from Velocity Films, Deliverance Post and the Frog Squad for volunteering their expertise and time.